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European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability' (EIP-AGRI) Operational Group

EIP-AGRI form an EU-wide network of actors including for example farmers, businesses and researchers working in the area of agriculture. An EIP Operational Group consisting of farmers and researchers conducts Kuvaa Nautaa project. Close interaction between different key actors makes the exchange of experiences and information effective and results in practical outcome that solves a real need.

Our EIP Operational Group members and roles:

Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Iisalmi, Finland

The Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and most diverse universities of applied sciences in Finland. Savonia´s School of Agriculture and Rural Industries has wide expertise in agriculture and strong national and international cooperation networks. We have multiple ongoing projects aimed to foster competitive and sustainable farming and animal well-being. Savonia´s School of Agriculture and Rural Industries coordinates Kuvaa Nauta project and develops the instructions and guidelines.


Natural Resources Institute, Maaninka, Finland

The Natural Resources Institute is a research and expert organization that promotes bio-economy and sustainable use of natural resources. Maaninka Unit of Natural Resources Institute concentrate on studying new technologies and practices in cattle farming. Maaninka Unit has an experimental cowshed called CowLab® with 120 dairy cows where research can be conducted in real agricultural environment. Additionally, Natural Research Institute has an experimental beef cattle farm in Siikajoki. The role of Natural Resources Institute is to test thermal imaging in its experimental farms and create a model for interpretation of the images.


CowLab® -tutkimusnavetta® -tutkimusnavetta

Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Construction Technology Laboratory

The Savonia Construction Technology Laboratory has long experience in thermal imaging in building physics measurements. Building technicians offer technical support for the use of thermal cameras and contribute to the development of guidelines for thermal imaging.


Farms and agri-businesses

The role of the cattle farms involved is to use thermal imaging as part of their everyday work and send the images and background information for analysis. Six farms, all with an innovative attitude to their work, participate in Kuvaa Nauta project.

Harjula Farm
Harjula Farm is located in Saarijärvi. There is 28 dairy cows in the farm. Cows living in Harjula Farm have the possibility to go outdoors also in wintertime.

Jänisviita Farm
Jänisviita dairy farm in Iisalmi has now new generation of farmers in charge. There is around 40 dairy cows in Jänisviita farm. In Jänisviita farm calves and heifers are fostered in cold cowshed.

Kallioharju Farm

Kallioharju is an organic dairy farm located in Maaninka. Kallioharju Farm has a modern cowshed with three robots taking care of the milking. There is aproximately 200 dairy cows in the farm. In Kallioharju farm the cows have the possibility to go outdoors year-round.

Milkkivei Oy
Milkkivei Oy in Kiuruvesi consists of three farms working together. Milkkivei Oy has 190 dairy cows and three robots take care of the milking.

Rokkila Farm
Rokkila Farm in Lammi has 240 dairy cows. Four robots take care of the milking in this modern farm. Calves are fostered in cold conditions protected by calf igloo.

Tmi Heli Gröhn ja Peheto Oy
Heli Gröhn is hoof trimmer and also trains hoof trimmers. She also has a dairy farm in Iisalmi with 150 cows. There is three robots in the farm taking care of the milking.

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